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Fine Foods · Meal Prep · Organic Probiotics · Always 100% Gluten Free

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Gluten?


Organic ALL the Time?

Homegrown Oregon is a customer centered business, we pride ourselves in being able to provide specialized solutions to every customer’s needs.

We run about 75-80% organic, the law says we are technically allowed to call ourselves an Organic restaurant, but transparency is our 1st priority, so we have always been clear on our organic status.

We are also committed to be being accessible to all budgets. We are dedicated to using local farms with sustainable farming practices while balancing the price point to allow access to all household incomes. We choose the best, local, organic foods when available and outsource to food distributors when produce is unavailable.--

Some of our local partners in food include:

  • Wandering Gardens Inn, Corvallis Oregon
  • Wahl Family Meats, Tangent Oregon
  • Carlton Farms, Carlton Oregon
  • Organically Grown Company, Portland and Eugene Oregon
  • VanVleet Distribution, Albany Oregon
  • Mc K Ranch, Brownsville Oregon
  • Davis & Daughters LLC, Albany Oregon

Weekly Meal Delivery FAQ's

How Do I Order?


You can order anytime Monday-Friday on our square store website  https://homegrown-oregon-foods.square.site/  Our online store is always open for business.  We need a 4 hour window to get your order ready, you will get a time stamp for pick up and if its ready before then we will notify you.  Delivery is for Albany only.  If you're in the surrounding areas you can contact us  for delivery rates.

What do I do with the containers?

We are planet loving tree huggers here at Homegrown Oregon and we want to do our part in minimizing waste! We ask that you wash and save your containers and we will pick your empties up next delivery.  We run everything through our dishwasher and sanitize and reuse then containers until they are no longer useable.  If happen to have dishes left over save them until next time or use them in your kitchen, and finally make sure they land in your recycle bin!

How Many People do the meals serve?

All food prep meals come perfectly portioned for a single meal. Food Prep Paleo Meals run 10-13oz and Regular Menu Items run 14-18oz

How Do I Reheat the Meals?

Our containers and dishwasher and microwave safe, times vary by meal but a good rule of thumb is 2-2.5 mins on high in the microwave with the lid vented. We reheat the meals in our home on the stove in a skillet, just add a bit of liquid to the pan (water, stock, juice, wine) or whatever you fancy, cover and let the meals warm up.




Food Nutrition Values are calculated using The My Fitness Pal App and are approximate values. Actual values may vary slightly. Weight Watchers points are calculated using the WW Freestyle app and may also vary slightly. We are in NO WAY affiliated, paid, supported, or certified by either corporation or App. These are approximate values, if you're in need of certified meal values, our service may not be a good fit for you. We are happy to chat one on one for exact ingredient lists.

We are a 100% gluten, wheat, dairy and peanut free kitchen, they never enter the cooking space.

Our Paleo menu is also free of the following allergens: